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Dr. OZ  Recommend Lipo Cavitation 

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Ultrasonic Cavitation Lipo & Radio Frequency Non-Invasive

Ultrasonic Cavitation Lipo  is a new, non-surgical and non-invasive fat  re​moval  

procedure. Because there is no surgery and no anesthesia, there is no hospital stay, no time off from work and no recovery time. Clients see immediate results and will continue to see results in the reduction of fat up to 72 hours following the treatment.

At VisualiZe Image, we offer the cutting-edge treatments that allow you to reshape your body and regain your figure, with leading technology.

Ultrasonic Cavitation, also known as body contouring, is a new, non-surgical, and non-invasive fat removal procedure that allows you to reshape your body and restore a more proportionate figure. It’s one of the most advanced techniques for cellulite reduction in today’s market.

When diet changes or continued exercise doesn’t seem to yield the desired results, Ultrasonic Cavitation is a great solution to solving cellulite problems.

How does Ultrasonic Cavitation work?

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure based on low-frequency sound waves, which target unwanted fat tissue.

During the Ultrasonic Cavitation procedure, a thoroughly trained and experienced Cosmetology /Esthetic will precisely target the unwanted fat cells using an ultrasound device, without causing any other damage to the surrounding organs or body tissues. Your will first apply a small amount of gel to your skin around the target area before applying the ultrasound device during a 20 to 30 minutes treatment session.

When ultrasound waves are conducted through the patient’s skin, they produce a strong wave of pressure to the unwanted fat cells thereby causing them to implode into liquid content, a phenomenon referred to as “Cavitation.” The body’s excretory and lymphatic system then naturally eliminates and drains the liquefied fat cells in a week.

Ultrasonic Cavitation treatments are usually applied on areas most desired such as hips, abdomen, arms, flanks, stomach, buttocks, and thighs. The procedure can’t be done on your chest, neck, head, and back.

It’s a painless and safe procedure. No anesthesia is required. Patients may experience some warmth during the procedure.

Body Treatments

We offer the following body services:

Lipo-Fat Cavitation-Body Contouring

Liquid Lipo, fat cavitation, is non surgical, ultrasound and radio frequency, treatment, that is an alternative to liposuction at a fraction of the cost, with more immediate results, no downtime and no surgery! Ultra sound Fat Cavitation, specifically targets and erupts fat cells on targeted areas of the body, i.e., stomach, waist, back, thighs, arms, love handles, hips, face and neck, above knees, and under arms, with targeted ultrasound vibration, causing the fat cells to erupt and empty its contents, which is then removed through the body’s natural elimination system. For immediate removal of the liquefied fat and shaping, the treatment can also be combined with our Slimming Detox Body Wrap and body contouring package, which also tightens and slims the body even more, as well as contour the body. Another option for elimination of the liquefied fat, is our Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatment of the treated area(s), or the full body, to force elimination more quickly as well as other benefits for non related issues in the body. Additionally, after the fat cavitation, fat melting, the skin is tightened with radio frequency. The results are amazing! 4-6 treatments per treatment area is recommended (with results showing after each treatment) as well as the removal of the toxins through our toxin removal slimming /contouring body wrap or lymphatic drainage treatments, that can be performed on just the treated areas or the full body for best results.

Each treatment area (area is defined as upper or lower stomach, upper or lower back, inner or outer thighs or arms, front or back of thighs, love handles, hips, waistline, buttocks, under arms, face or neck) is 30 minutes. A maximum of 3 areas can be done per session. We highly recommend adding the Slimming Body Wrap detox treatment, to remove toxins, contour and lift the body – see pricing below. Adding the slimming body wrap package is an additional and approximately 1 hour; lymphatic drainage is approximately 15 min per treatment area or 1 hour for full body, in addition treatment per area timing. Treatment can be done on male and females. Clients must consume 1 liter of water before and after treatment. This treatment requires client consultation prior to treatment and client must meet medical/health guidelines to have service performed at Visualize Image Salon & Body Contouring.

What is radio frequency skin tightening?

Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening refers to an aesthetic technique whereby the heating of tissues using RF energy takes place. Eventually, the process stimulates subdermal collagen production to lessen the appearance of loose skin and fine lines.

What are some of the benefits of a radio frequency treatment?

Skin Tightening

As you age, lines and wrinkles are likely to develop on your face as well as on other body parts. Radio frequency treatments can improve the look of your skin by working on the sculpting soft tissues, which are situated, within the layers of your skin. The radio frequency waves trigger the collagen tissues to produce the healing effect.

Reducing Cellulite

According to studies, radio frequency treatment can significantly reduce cellulite; this is possible since the RF treatment can eliminate excessive fatty tissues. These tissues are often found at the back side of the thighs as well as in the buttocks region.

Decreasing the percentage of your body fats

Through the heat generated by RF waves, the fat in your body will melt and eventually drain into your body for removal.

Offering a smoothing effect to patients that undergo the liposuction process.

VisualiZe Detox Sauna Body Wrap

What Is A Detox Sauna Body Wrap?

Our body wrap is a type of beauty treatment involving the application of bandages which are soaked in skin cleansing, detoxifying, concentrated formula of essential minerals and electrolytes. You are then placed in a sauna suit and transferred to an infrared (FIR) blanket for about 30 mins.

The mineral intense body wraps trigger the body’s own ability to cleanse itself of toxins. The infrared heat (FIR) warms you from inside out. Warmth encourages pores to open, allowing for easier penetration of mineral and herbal ingredients which help pull toxins away. The warmth also activates sweat glands, increases circulation, and encourages calorie burning all at once.

The toxin debris is dispersed safely and naturally through the billions of pores of the skin, as well as through the lymphatic and circulatory systems. As these waste products and impurities exit the body, the skin tightens and becomes firmer and the tissue healthier. In areas where bodies have swollen to accumulate and store these toxins (typically stomach, abdomen, hips and thighs) the skin tightening is dramatic and reflected by tape measurements as actual inch loss! We recommend multiple treatments to achieve and maintain the desired result.